Upgrading from UMP 7.08


Revision: 1.0
Date: 05/09/2008


When you are upgrading from version 7.08 of User Manager Pro to a later version of User Manager Pro, you receive the following dialog:

The problem is that the text is too long for the dialog. It warns that if you select NO you will delete all of your program settings pertaining to ALL Lieberman Software tools.


This is due to the uninstall behavior incorporated into MSI installers and Windows 2008 certification requirements.

Essentially, during an upgrade of one version to the next, the previous MSI installer package is called and told it is being upgraded and that it must be removed in order to be replaced. Per the 2008 certification process we must remove all relevant information for our tools during an uninstall if the user wishes it. The dialog is asking if you wish to remove the program data.

If you choose NO, then you are choosing to not keep the program information.


If you wish to keep all of your program information, and all other Lieberman Software program data through your upgrade, please answer YES to the question. As in YES, I wish to keep all of my data.

Applies To:

User Manager Pro (UMP) v7.08
User Manager Pro Suite (UMP Suite) v7.08

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