Database Timeout Errors


Revision: 1.1
Date: 04/22/2008


When running random reports with User Manager Pro and using a SQL database for the reporting data store you would receive errors similar to this:

Number = -2147467259

Source = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

Description = Timeout expired

SQLState = HYT00

Native Error= 0

Further, changing the timeout settings on the SQL server did not improve the situation.


The problem stems from multiple controls for the database connection. Specifically, your systems ODBC connector has its own control and the SQL system has its own control for the connection timeout. During long running queries, the local systems connector would timeout before the database returned the results of the query.


Starting with User Manager Pro 7.08, there are new controls available by editing the registry of the UMP host system to control the timeout values of the local ODBC connector when running UMP.

You may add the following DWORDS to "HKLM\Software\Lieberman\UsrMgrPro 2.0":

  • m_bOverrideDefaultCommandTimeout
  • m_dwCommandTimeoutSeconds

The default value for m_bOverrideDefaultCommandTimeout is "0" which allows for the local system to control the timeout value. Set the value to "1" which tells UMP to use the m_dwCommandTimeoutSeconds value for the timeout period in seconds. The default value for m_dwCommandTimeoutSeconds is 30 seconds. If you need to enable this value, you should set this value to a significantly higher value than 30 seconds. You may need to manipulate this value to find the value that works best for you.

Applies To:

User Manager Pro (UMP)
User Manager Pro Suite (UMPS)

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