My task is failing and I don't know why?


Some applications and patches require special command line options in order for them to run in different contexts. This is what most often causes patches and updates to fail to run on remote machines. In the case of pathces and updates, each patch has a list of command line options that must be supplied in order to run successfully in different situations. The various flags differ from patch to patch, but some common flags to look for are:

  • Unattended Mode - Use this to specify a non-interactive logon.
  • Silent Mode - Use this to hide any display messages that are displayed by the app or patch.
  • Non-Interactive Mode - Use this to specify a non-interactive logon.
  • Force Restart - Force the system to restart after running the patch.
  • Do Not Restart - Do not restart the system after installing the patch.

The specific flags that you will need to use depend on which account you are using to run the task and what the requirements of the patch are. For syntax for specific flags, check the documentation for the specific patch that you are installing.

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