Find Stale Computer Accounts Using User Manager Pro


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Date: 10/23/2007


How can User Manager Pro find old or stale computer accounts? Does it tell me what accounts are stale?


User Manager Pro can run a computer accounts report against your domain controller to show you all computer accounts in the domain and the age of their password (how many days ago it was changed). This information helps you to make an informed decision about what accounts should be considered stale.

In an Active Directory domain, computers automatically change their passwords every 30 days by default. This behavior can be controlled in group policy. Leeway should be granted for off-line systems such as laptops. Typically, by 90 days, the system is most likely safe to delete. Please use your own discretion when deleting accounts from your own domain as this is a permanent action and your machine will need to be rejoined to the domain if you accidentally delete the wrong account(s).

After the report is displayed you may export this information to a text (CSV) or HTML file. You may also choose to delete any computer account(s) from within the report which in turn will delete the computer account from Active Directory.

  1. Open User Manager Pro and activate the systems list which contains the domain controller you wish to run the report againt. You do not need to select more than one domain controller from your domain as they will all have the same information.
  2. Select/highlight your domain controller in the list then click the GET INFO button at the center-left of the dialog.
  3. On the Report Types dialog, select the Accounts report heading at the top of the list.
  4. Select the "Computer accounts report"
  5. Click APPLY in the lower right corner to make the report run immediately or click SCHEDULE to make the report occur or recur at a later date.

    Note: Use of the scheduling feature requires User Manager Pro's deferred processor to be installed.

  6. After the report runs, if you selected the REPORT button, instead of the SCHEDULE button, you will be presented with the following screen which will list all of your computer accounts and their password ages.

Report Post Generation Actions

After the report has been generated you may take the following actions:

  • If you wish to remove any computer accounts from your domain based on this report you may select the system(s), right-click, and choose to "Delete computer accounts". You will receive a confirmation when the deletion(s) are complete.
  • If you wish to export this information to a CSV, HTML, or send to email, select the EXPORT button at the bottom of the page.

Applies To:

User Manager Pro (UMP)
User Manager Pro Suite (UMPS)

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