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Date: Jan 9, 2017

Revision: 1.1

Affected Products

Enterprise Random Password Manager, v5.0.1 and later using modern website running on Windows 10 using Internet Explorer or Edge


When attempting to load the modern website (default web deployment) in Internet Explorer or Edge on a Windows 10 machine or later, certain buttons may appear as blocks rather than actual images, though the alt-text will still be present.


Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft has added a new feature called "Blocking Untrusted Fonts" ( Untrusted fonts are any font installed outside of the %windir%\Fonts directory.

This feature has three settings:

  • On - blocks all fonts not in the %windir%\fonts directory.
  • Audit - don't block, but do log when these exceptions occur.
  • Exclude apps to load untrusted fonts - enables the feature but allows specific apps to bypass the settings.


If it is not desired to turn the feature off, you may install the fonts locally on each system. The fonts that ERPM ships are found in the following directories:

  • %inetpub%\wwwroot\pwcweb\Scripts\bootstrap-3.3.7\fonts
  • %inetpub%\wwwroot\PWCWeb\Scripts\tinymce_4.3.11\js\tinymce\skins\lightgray\fonts
  • %inetpub%\wwwroot\PWCWeb\Scripts\DevExpress-16.1.5\css\icons

Three types of font files are shipped: ttf, eot, and woff.


If it is not desired to distribute the fonts, then an exception must be made using group policy or registry editing of the Windows 10 machine(s) experiencing problems.

To figure out which fonts and applications are being blocked, you must examine event ID 260 in the following Windows event log: Application and Service Logs\Microsoft\Windows\Win32K\Operational.

In this case exceptions would need to be made for the browsers that people are using.


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