Failed ADsOpenObject Message Logged During Website Deployment


Date: Jan 12, 2017


  • Enterprise Random Password Manager
  • Random Password Manager


When performing a fresh installation of the ERPM or RPM website (as opposed to an upgrade of an existing website), you will receive the following message in your logs:

Failed ADsOpenObject to path IIS://Localhost/W3SVC/1/ROOT/PWCWeb/Dashboards (implicit user) - error: 3 - Path not found by Network

This message does not appear during an upgrade of an existing website.


During the installation of a new website, the installation process makes calls to the IIS Metabase to setup certain aspects of the website such as application pools. On a fresh installation, the path being examined does not exist yet and thus the message is logged.


This is an informational message. This is not a fatal message and can be safely ignored. It is merely an indication that it attempted to update a path that does not yet exist. As it does not yet exist, ERPM will then attempt to create the path. There are no actions to take regarding this message.

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