Cannot Edit SCL Password in RED Identity Management



In RED IM version, when editing the password for an account in a shared credential list via the web application, upon clicking Save, the new password would not be set for the target shared credential.

Rather, a new "managed password" would be added with the same account and system name and the original shared credential password would remain the original password.


A scripting error was made which called the edit page for managed passwords rather than the shared credential password.


Download the attached ZIP file and extract its contents. Inside is a JS file called "PasswordLists.js". Copy this file to the Scripts sub-directory where your web application was installed. Typically the Scripts directory is found at %inetpub%\wwwroot\pwcweb\Scripts. Replace the existing file.

Repeat this step on every web application server running RED IM v5.5.2.1.

This update will be included in future versions of RED IM.


If deploying new web applications, or if you intend to redeploy the web application, also copy the "PasswordLists.JS" file web site installation source files directory found in the management console's installation directory. Typically, C:\Program Files (x86)\Lieberman\Roulette\WebInterfaceBootstrap\Scripts.

This will ensure new instances of deployed web applications from this version will use the updated file.

Applies To

  • RED IM
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