End of Life Plans for Products


What is the End of Life (EOL) policy for Lieberman Software's products?

There is no official timeline for "end of life" or EOL for Lieberman Software's products. A customer who is under a current support contract with Lieberman Software, will continue to receive customer support, per their support agreement, for any version of the product they are entitled to and have installed.

Support in this context means troubleshooting and procedural help from Lieberman Software's support representatives.

In terms of development support (i.e. of bug fixes), once a version is released, any bugs or changes made post release will only be available in subsequent releases. Put another way, any and all issues in one version will remain in that version; the customer must upgrade to obtain the fixes.

Putting these two concepts together means, a customer will receive procedural and configuration support for any questions, problems, or issues, until it is determined that the problem or issue is the result of a software code bug. Support will attempt to provide alternate procedures or workarounds when possible to the bug found for as long as the customer is under an active support agreement. To obtain new fixes, updates, and features supplied in new versions, the customer must remain under an active support agreement with Lieberman Software and upgrade to a later version containing the fixes to the reported bugs.

Put another way, we will help you as long and as much as we can!

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