SCL Password List Pages and Filter Behavior Changes in RED IM



Many behavioral changes have been made to the Shared Credential List (SCL) pages and SCL filters with the introduction of RED IM These changes are designed to improve performance, especially at scale, remove legacy code where possible and move to a new web services paradigm.

The behavioral changes are noted in the following table.

Old Behavior New Behavior
  • No buffering
  • Buffering enabled
  • No paging of data
  • Paging of data
  • ASP pages did all work and processing
  • Results are now retrieved and processed by web service.
  • No caching
  • Results are cached in browser local cache.
  • Password List Filter attempted to auto-complete for free text search
  • Password List Filter behavior changed to required DOS style search filter

Results of Changes


  • Customers who have over 1,000 shared credential list will find the improvements very helpful as previous configurations required configuration of IIS to improve caching and buffering sizes to compensate for page load behaviors.
  • Customers with more than 2,000 shared credential lists can use the web application to retrieve their shared credentials.


Customers who had a small number of SCLs and a performant web server may miss the auto-complete capability of the previous Password List Filter. However, the new behavior will work just as well and require only a minor behavior change when applying filters while allowing customers of all sizes to work without issue.

For the DOS filter, you will use an asterisk '*' as your wild card to represent any character. For example...

  1. Find all lists with '49' in the list name = *49*
  2. Find all lists that end with '49' in the list name = *49
  3. Find all lists that begin with '49' in the list name = 49*
  4. Find a list that is exactly called '49' = 49

Applies To

  • RED IM and later
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