RED IM Application Launcher Not Launching Some Applications



When using the RED IM application launcher software to launch certain applications such as Microsoft Terminal Services client or MMC.exe, the session will initiate then immediately logoff. Other applications work without issue.


A compilation switch was made with the release of RED IM that caused the application launcher files to be built as 32bit rather than 64bit. The result is any application that can launch as 32bit but then switches to its 64bit variant will cause the remote app session to automatically close immediately. Applications that do not switch context will function correctly.

Some applications that switch context from 32 to 64 bit automatically include MSTSC.exe (Microsoft Terminal Services Client) and MMC.exe.


A full fix will be included with the upcoming release of RED IM

In the mean time, if you are experiencing this specific problem, the RED IM application launcher can be uninstalled and replaced with the ERPM 5.5.2 application launcher. While there is no code changes between the two versions (save for re-branding from ERPM to RED IM) the compilation of the launcher is 64bit.

Here is the direct link to the ERPM 5.5.2 Application Launcher Installer package:

Applies To

  • RED Identity Management
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