Sybase ASE OLEDB on Server 2012.


Question: I see I need to get the Sybase provided OLEDB connector in order to manage my Sybase ASE databases, but it fails to install and I can't manage my Sybase databases because of it. What can I do?

Answer: First, the installation problem is a result of Sybase's lack of support at this time for Windows Server 2012(non R-2 variant)

The first thing to be done is to contact Sybase/SAP and let them know you need this to install properly.

Second installing over a network connection seems to result in unsuccessful installations -sometimes-. We recommend to copy the installation media to the system.

Third, the installation can work, but you must set the setup.exe program to run in Windows 7 compatibility mode. You must also meet the Sybase pre-requisites for the installation of their software which as of version 15.7 includes a pair of Visual Studio 10 redistributables and service packs. See the Sybase docs for more info. When performing the installation, don't install the sybase server (de-select), just install the Open Client DB Library (defaults are fine), the ASE OLEDB connector (must select) and the SySam option (default). Don't install jconnect. Don't install QPTune. Don't install the Sybase control center (de-select).

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