What attachments should I submit to Liebsoft Support?


The following logs are the expected minimum submission to create a case. Other logs such as Windows event logs or SQL logs may also be submitted to assist in analyzing the issue. Screen captures can be useful providing the relevant content is contained within the capture.



For ERPM Web Operations: %Programdata%\lieberman\PWC\Version 4.x\RouletteWebApplicationLog.txt 

For ERPM Scheduled Job logs: %Programdata%\lieberman\PWC\Version 4.x\JL####.txt Where #### is the ID of the ERPM job

For ERPM Interactive Jobs and Administrative Tasks (not Scheduled Jobs): %Programdata%\lieberman\PWC\Version 4.x\PWCLog.txt


For User Manager Pro (UMP): %Programdata%\Lieberman\UMP\Version 7.x\UMPLog.txt

For Service Account Manager (SAM): %Programdata%\Lieberman\SAM\Version 5.x\SAMLog.txt

For Task Scheduler Pro (TSP): %Programdata%\Lieberman\TSP\Version 3.x\TSPLog.txt

For COM+ Manager: %Programdata%\Lieberman\CPM\Version 1.x\CPMLog.txt


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