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Is there a way to remove a button from the Web App Console?
In the "Managed Passwords - All Passwords" window, I would like to remove the
"Telnet", "SSH" and "Change" buttons....

The answer is yes, these items can be removed. From the management console, click the Manage Web App button on the left action pane. Go to Options | Configured default web application options. To disable the remove connection items, on the Remote Sessions tab,


the following three options:

  • Enable RDP sessions using stored passwords to host system
  • Enable Telnet sessions using stored passwords to host system
  • Enable SSH sessions using stored passwords to host system

This will turn off the RDP, Telnet, and SSH options for all users.

For the Change option, as this is a static password (rather than a random password) and you are an All access user, this option will always be there for you.

If other non-All Access users are seeing the change link for static passwords it is because there global web application delegations are allowing it. If you are seeing the Change option for random password (not depicted by your screenshot), then while in the web application settings dialog, go to Password Access and de-select the option to Allow users to edit and delete managed random passwords.

Once your website options are changed, click OK on the Web Application Settings dialog. Then right-click on your website instance(s) from the Manage Web Application Instances dialog and select the option to Replace Instance Options with Default Web Application Options.

The changes will take effect immediately in the website.

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