Jobs Run Repeatedly (Non-November Problem)


Revision: 1.1
Last Update: Dec 5, 2016


In ERPM version 5.5.1, if a job is set to run monthly, the customer will end up in a scenario where once it starts to run, the job will get stuck in a scheduling loop, once it runs.


There is a "next run time" calculation error for this type of job.


  • If the report is set to run monthly and the next run time is 1000 hours on December 5, 2016, when it runs it will reset its schedule to the next month as expected, but it will be for the current year, which means a next run time of 1000, Jan 5, 2016.


The solution is to choose any other schedule type other than Monthly.

Applies To:

  • ERPM 5.5.1
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