How to Manage Tidal Enterprise Scheduler (TM) with ERPM


Date: 03/19/2010
Rev: 1.0


Tidal Enterprise Scheduler stores account credentials within its management software. Those accounts need to be changed regularly like any other service or process account.


ERPM can run any arbitrary process during its password propagation routines including command line utilities such as those that ship with Tidal Enterprise Scheduler (TM).

Tidal Enterprise Scheduler (TM) ships a command line utility with the product which allows management of accounts used in the software from the command line. When ERPM updates the accounts in Active Directory, ERPM can also run the command line utility to update the software.

How it Works

When configuring a password change job within ERPM and examining the "Propagation Settings" tab, click 'ADD'

Choose the option to "Run Arbitrary Process to Find/Update Credentials" then click 'CHANGE' at the bottom of the dialog.

Specify the "Propagation Command Line Application" as the full path to the executable being. For Tidal, this would be wherever the file 'SACmd' is found; see you Tidal Enterprise Scheduler command line documentation for more information.

Example: "C:\Program Files\Tidal Enterprise Scheduler\SACmd"

Specify the "Propagation Command Line Parameters" as everything which would follow the SACmd.

Example: chgpasswd %OldUsername% -p %NewPassword% -d %AccountDomain%

The variable surrounded by % are replacement variables used by ERPM. %OldUsername% is the account being changed. %NewPassword% is the new password ERPM is settings %AccountDomain% may or may not be used in your implementation but represent the domain the account is hosted from.

Continue creating the password change job as normal by configuring the password settings, schedule, and propagation scope.

Applies To:

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM)

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