ERPM Reports a Non-Existent Web Instance


Revision: 2.1
Date: January 23, 2017


You relocated your Enterprise Random Password Manager installation or web instance to a new server. When you look in the Manage Web App dialog you notice that a reference for the previous web instance exists. When you try to delete (remove) the old entry for the web instance you are unable to remove it.

Not to worry! This is a visual annoyance only.


In order to remove the web instance and its corresponding entry, Enterprise Random Password Manager attempts to talk to the target web server host. If it cannot successfully communicate to the old web instance, the removal fails (as expected) and the web intance entry remains in the web instance list. The product does not supply a supplemental ability to remove entries from the list. This must be done in the database.


If the old web server host cannot be contacted and it is desired to remove the offending entry for the retired server, with ERPM version 4.83.9 removal is as simple as a right-click. For older versions, direct database access will be required.

In version 4.83.9 or newer, in the management console, click Manage Web App. Then Right-click on the offending instance and select Remove instance registration from database.

For older versions, manipulating the database directly is the only way to get rid of old website instances that can no longer be contacted.

Caution! Improperly manipulating the database can lead to program corruption or loss of data.

In SQL Management Studio, connect to your ERPM database and issue a new query:

delete from tbl_WebsiteInstallation
where sSystemName = 'WEB_SERVER_NAME_HERE'

Applies To:

  • Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM)
  • Random Password Manager (RPM)
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