SDK Login Procedure Fails When Using Integrated Authentication


Revision: 1.1
Date: 06/18/2013


In Enterprise Random Password Manager 4.83.6, when the password recovery website is properly configured to use Windows Integrated Authentication, and the SDK is configured to use Windows Integrated Authentication and a command is issued which uses integrated authentication, the command will fail. In the same scenario, when an SDK command is issued with explicit credentials or a certificate, the command succeeds as expected.


There is a missing parameter in the ClientAgentRequests.asp processing page.


Download and replace ClientAgentRequests.asp from this page.

Click here to download the updated ClientAgentRequests.asp page. The download is a ZIP file. Replace ClientAgentRequests.asp in the following two locations:

  • website installation directory. Typically \inetpub\wwwroot\pwcweb\
  • program installation directory. Typically %programfiles(x86)%\lieberman\roulette\webinterfac e

There is no need to restart anything.

Applies To:
Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) v4.83.6

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