Service Filter List Does Not Show All Services


Rev: 1.1
Date: 12/14/2007


You would like to set the "view filter" in Service Account Manager to show specific services only but those services are not listed in the available services field.


By default Service Account Manager draws its list of "available services" from the machine on which Service Account Manager is installed. In this case, the services you wish to filter for are not installed on the local system.


Open the service filter dialog by selecting "Filter..." from the VIEW menu.

From the Filter Services List, enter the target machine’s name in the dialogue box ‘Server to get service list from:’ and select the ‘Refresh’ button: 

You should now see the ‘missing’ services included in the list of ‘Available Services’.

Select the service then select the ADD button. Once you click ADD, the service will move form the "available services" field and into the "Filter" field. 

Select to display "Filter List Only" in the top left corner of this display. Then click OK to close the dialog and continue. When your systems list reappears, the only service(s) showing will be the service(s) that you chose to display.

Select the GET button in the main service list to acquire the latest information on the state of your services.

Note: Any systems in the list that do not have the filtered services installed on them will show the service as "Not Installed" in the "state column" 

Applies to:

Service Account Manager (SAM)

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