Password Recovery Console Database Not Available


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Date: 09/10/2007


When attempting to open or log into Password Recovery Console you receive the following error:


Error: Database Not Available
The Password Console could not access the specified database.
Re-run the installer to configure database connectivity.
(Error 3709 – The connection cannot be used to perform this operation.
It is either closed or invalid in this context)


Password Recovery Console cannot access the Access database that it is configured to use for logging. This can be because:

  • Improper permissions are set on the Data directory or database
  • Your MDAC may be out of date
  • Your PRC logging database may be corrupted


Improper permissions are set on the Data directory:

Password Recovery Console runs using your systems internet guest account, typically IUSR_MachineName. The IUSR account requires read and write access to the logging database located in the data directory with in the PRC installation directory.

To set the proper permissions for the logging database:

  1. Open Windows explorer and navigate to the installation directory for Password Recovery Console, typically C:\PrcWeb.
  2. Open the properties for the “Data” directory and go to the security tab.
  3. Ensure that your system’s internet guest account user (IUSR_MachineName) is granted READ access to this folder.
  4. Click OK to close the Data folder’s properties.
  5. Open the Data folder.
  6. Open the properties for the file log.mdb and go to the security tab.
  7. Ensure that your system’s internet guest account user (IUSR_MachineName) is granted READ (inherited from Data folder) and WRITE access to this file.
  8. Click OK to close log.mdb’s properties.

Your MDAC may be out of date:

Password Recovery Console’s access to the database is dependant on MDAC v2.8. Windows XP/2003 ship with the correct version of MDAC; Windows 2000 may need to be updated.

Determine your version of MDAC:

  1. Open Regedit.
  2. Navigate to the following key:


  3. In the DataAccess subkey look for a value called FullInstallVer and note the value, it should be at least 2.8x.
  4. If the version noted above is not at least 2.8x, you can download the latest version of MDAC from Microsoft’s website at

Your Password Recovery Console logging database may be corrupt:

  • Delete (rename) the original database and reinstall the Password Recovery Console.

    Warning: You will only lose information that is stored in the logs but you will not need to re-delegate permissions. Delegations are stored in the registry of the machine running the Password Recovery Console. Passwords are stored in the resitry of the machine running User Manager Pro.

Applies To:

Password Recovery Console 2.x

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