Error Code 5-Access Denied


This is a common error code seen in our management solutions. Although it is a common Windows error code, it's not really an error so much as an administrative access issue. It's commonly seen in networks with multiple domains and\or 'hybrid' environments with domains and Workgroups attached. We've given you a number of options to deal with this scenario.

Lieberman Software's management solutions require that you have administrative rights over the machine upon which you install them as well as the target machines that you wish to manage. If you are actively using User Manager Pro Suite to manage your machines or run reports against them, UMPS will use your current logged on Windows account to try to access the target machines. If you have created scheduled jobs to manage and\or report on your target machines, UMPS will use the credentials you have input into the scheduler service under Deferred Processing | Jobs Monitor | Scheduler Service.

If your current or scheduler service credentials don't have access to the target machines you can build a list of alternate administrative credentials for UMPS to use. You can build this list by opening one of your machine groups and select Settings | Alternate Administrator Accounts | Alternate Administrators | Add. Make sure to select the 'Enable Alt-Admin' check box on the lower right side of the Alternate Administrator Accounts dialogue screen.

Now UMPS will descend through the list of alternate administrator accounts until it finds the first set of credentials it can access your machine(s) with should it encounter the inability to access them with your current logged on or scheduler service credentials.

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