Installing the Java agent causes ERPM to crash


Date: September 22, 2015
Revision: 1.5


Attempting to deploy the ERPM java agent or check the status of a deployed ERPM java agent causes ERPM to crash.

You may see an error in the ERPM log (C:\ProgramData\Lieberman\PWC\Version 4.x\PWCLog.txt) similar to:

Failed to create RMIRemoteHost. hr = 80040154.
** Internal warning (RMIHelper.cpp:204): HRESULT failed (0x80040154: [unknown])
Warning: Thread '8428' [info object not found] critical problem: unhandled exception; code: 0xE06D7363.


A library called RemoteAgentInstallDll.dll is not registered correctly by the .Net assembly.


Use the regasm.exe in the Windows folder to register the dll.

Open a command prompt on the ERPM administrative console host machine. Navigate to the directory containing regasm.exe; typically C:\Windows\WinSxS. Use the .Net 2.0 version of regasm to register the RemoteAgentInstallDll.dll library located in the ERPM installation directory, C:\Program Files (x86)\Lieberman\Roulette (default installation path).

After registering the dll successfully, reattempt to deploy your Java agent using the ERPM administrative console.

Applies To:

  • Enterprise Random Password Manager 4.83.7 SR1 (Build 140408)
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    Sidhartha Babbar

    Which java agent this article talks about? As far as i know, ERPM is agent less.

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