Shared Credential List Improperly Reports Success Even When Access is Denied


Date: March 31, 2014
Version: 1.0


When using the Enterprise Random Password Manager Web Service (or PowerShell) in version 4.83.7 build 131004 to add a shared credential to a list that you do not have access to, the output reports success even though the actual process did indeed fail.


The web service and ERPM website did not properly record and report the actual transaction message which should have been a failure.

Set-LSSharedCredential -AuthenticationToken $AuthToken -SharedCredentialList ListNameHere -AccountName test -SystemName test -Password test -AssetTag "n/a" -OverwriteType ADD_OR_OVERWRITE -Comment test

ExtensionData                           OperationMessage                                             OperationSucceeded
-------------                           ----------------                                             ------------------
System.Runtime.Serialization.Extensi... Saved password for test\test to shar...                                    True


The following fix is only intended to fix the problem outlined above and nothing else. The next release of ERPM will also include this fix.

Please download the following patch:

The zip file contains two files:

  • RouletteWeb.dll
  • RouletteAppServiceSupport.dll

Extract the files and replace the existing instances of the files.

Web servers will generally install the web service dll (rouletteAppServiceSupport.dll) to %inetpub%\wwwroot\erpmwebservice\. The website dll most often gets placed in %systemroot%\syswow64\ on the web servers.

Ensure that the current web and web service COM objects are not running before trying to replace them or you will get an error about a sharing violation from Windows.

Applies To:

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM)

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