Remote Website Does Not Send Email Notifications


Revision: 1.1
Date: September 22, 2015


When a password recovery website is deployed to a remote system (system not running the primary management console), no email notifications are sent for any operation configured to send an email alert.


The registry settings and and email support files are not duplicated to the target web server.


  1. On the management console system, open REGEDIT.
    Note: Use caution when editing the registry of your system. Improper editing can cause irreparable damage. Be sire to take a system state backup of your system prior to editing the registry. Lieberman Software is not responsible for any problems resulting from the editing of your system's registry.
  2. Navigate to "HKLM\Software\Wow6432node\Lieberman" and export the "SmtpSettings" registry key.
  3. Copy the registry file over to the target web server
  4. Copy the IntegrationComponents.msi installation file from the SupplementalInstallers folder where ERPM is installed to the web server(s).
  5. On the web server, import the registry file.
  6. On the web server, run and install the IntegrationComponents.msi installer. The only choice to make is where to install the files.
  7. Finally, on the web server, open Component Services and navigate down the tree to COM+ Applications. Shutdown and restart the ERPM COM+ Application, typically called PWCWebComApp.

After installing the inegrationCoponents, importing the registry key, the email notifications will work as .

Applies To:

  • Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM)
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