Dynamic Management Set update ran on all systems in the Set


Revision: 1.1
Date: September 22, 2015


When creating a new password change job, the option to Run Job on Management Set” and “Run job on new systems when they are added to the management set through dynamic updates” is selected. When the management set update, it ran against all the new machines AND all the existing machines. The expectation was that the job would run against only the new machines in this scenario.

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The password change job had not been run on any of the systems in the set, previously.


If the job is Scheduled and then run prior to any new systems being added, the Run Settings operate as expected on new Systems that are added. Only those new Systems that were added will have their passwords changed. If new systems are added to the Management Set prior to the first scheduled run then automatically the pre-scheduled job will run against all the systems in the original password change job in addition to the newly added systems.
For the password change job to run against only the new systems just added via the Dynamic Management Set update, the password change job must have been run against the previously added machines.

Applies to:

  • Enterprise Random Password Manager
  • Random Password Manager
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