How to add Service Dependencies to Services with Service Account Manager


Rev: 2.0
Date: 10/24/2007


You may encounter application or service failures because a required service could not/did not start in a timely fashion or at all. For example a web site must be able to authenticate users but the Netlogon service needs to be started prior to attempting to start the Wide Web Publishing Service.


In order to address this issue, you must be able to manipulate the dependencies of your services. Specifically you need to identify that the Wide Web Publishing Service has a dependency on the Netlogon service.

To add a dependency to a service (based on the preceding example):

  1. Open Service Account Manager and activate the systems list which contains the computer(s) you wish to manage.
  2. Select highlight the service(s) in the list you wish to mange and click the SET button at the center of the dialog.

    Note: You may wish to use the VIEW | FILTER option to filter your service list to only display the service(s) you are going to update.

    Note: After you click SET, you will receive a warning that you are about to modify services and that the changes you make may cause problems. Click OK if you wish to continue.

  3. In the SET dialog (Set Service Account Properties), select the checkbox next to "Config Options" on the left side of the dialog, then click the ellipses (...) next to config options.

  4. In the Service COnfiguration Options dialog, select the option to "change Dependencies" followed by "Add Dependencies".
  5. Click the new item button on the right side of the dialog (sqaure next to red X) and type in the new service dependency. The name used is the internal name of the service. By performing this step, you are making your target service dependant on the services you add to this dialog. This means the services you add here must be started prior to your target service. Repeat this step as necessary.
  6. Click OK when you have configured all of your desired options.

  7. Click APPLY in the lower left corner to make the change occur immediately or click SCHEDULE to schedule the change to occur or recur at a later date.

    Note: Use of the scheduling feature requires Service Account Manager's deferred processor to be installed.
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