How does automatic license token management in UMP work?


Q: How does the tool release a token & when? UMP's system list shows an IP address belongs to a netbios name, but when they pings the netbios name (using -a), it comes back with nothing on this red computer in question.When will the systems list pick up there should be no license?We tried & refreshed & it still did not release the token.

A: When you use automatic token licensing in User Manager Pro, the license management display never updates - it is what it is at the time you select the checkbox. Furthermore, a refresh in UMP (like our other tools) does not constitute maangement of the system and therefore does not affect licensing. The tool will release the license when it runs out of licesne tokens and needs more. It will evaluate which machines have been uncontactable or have not been managed in the longest period of time. All of this is also dependant on UMP's ability to contact our servers via http.

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