How does licensing work?


License Token Assignment
When you purchase a commercial version of the product, you will receive a serial number which will allow you to manage a fixed number of systems. This dialogue shows you which systems are licensed or not, and which systems are still found in any of your managed systems lists or not. This dialogue can be accessed by opening "License Token Management" or "License Keys" from the "Help" menu of the main dialogue.

License tokens are automatically assigned to systems when you manage them by performing actions such as running a report or changing a user's password. License tokens can also be manually assigned form the dialogue by selecting the system and then clicking the ASSIGN button.

Simply refreshing system information does not cause a system to become licensed*.

License tokens are assigned to machine names. This means that if you decommission one machine and replace it with new hardware but give it the same name, it may use the same license; there is no reason to release and re-assign the license.

In the systems list on this dialogue, the "Licensed" column displays the current licensing status of a machine as either YES or NO. The "#Rekeys" column displays the number of times a machine has had its license released and re-assigned. The "InAGroup" column displays whether or not a system is found in any systems list as either "Active" if it is in a group, or "Abandoned" if it is not in any groups.

As stated previously, if you retire a machine but will replace it with a new system with the same exact NetBIOS name, you should not release the licensing. However, if you are never going to manage that NetBIOS name again and need to reclaim licenses you may select those systems here and elect to RELEASE their license. Whenever you release a machine's token, the "Rekeyed Systems" counter will increment. If you the re-assign a license to that same system, the "Rekeyed Systems" field will decrement and the "#Rekeys" column for the given system will increment. If you attempt to repeat this process more times than the allowed number of "Maximum Rekeys", you will find that your system will be "Locked-Out" of management.

An easy way to find systems that you may wish to remove licenses from is to sort by the "InAGroup" column and look for systems that are abandoned. Abandoned systems are systems that were once added to a systems list but are now not found in any systems list.

Important: License tokens are currently assigned for each unique system name in the System column of the main dialogue. If you have the same system listed multiple times by different names (ie: by NetBIOS name and by IP Address), you may inadvertently use multiple tokens for the same system.

* Refreshing a system in ERPM/RPM will cause a system to be licensed.

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